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Stad Amsterdam

Atlantic ocean , the Caribbean , Mediterranean Sea , Canary Islands

The Clipper is 76 meters long and has 31 sails with a total surface of 2200 square meters. The ship has an authentic squared rig, a sharp clipper bow and sails as a passenger ship under the Dutch flag. The Clipper has 14 luxury cabins, a spacious dining room (the longroom) for dinners and presentations and an outdoor bar. The Clipper Stad Amsterdam can be booked privately for luxury cruises and corporate events. In addition, you can stay on board for a luxurious cruise or an adventurous sailing trip.


The captain and his 30 crew members would like to welcome you


On the upper deck you can imagine yourself on a historic clipper from the nineteenth century. The beautiful bridge, the three enormous masts, the lines on deck, the beautifully maintained teak woodwork, the crew that lifts the sails the way it did in the nineteenth century: everything breathes the atmosphere of the rugged, nineteenth-century seafaring. At the same time, the passenger sailing ship Stad Amsterdam also has the luxury of the 21st century in store for you.

While the crew keeps the ship on course, our hospitality crew serves delicious drinks and snacks from the bar on deck, prepared by our chef in his galley.


The longroom has a spacious bar and a small library. There is room for 55 people during a served lunch or dinner. The warm woodwork, the many copper and the round staircase with ornate bars are reminiscent of the look of the legendary Cutty Sark. Of course, all modern audio-visual means, for presentations and the like, are available.


The 14 guest cabins are located on the inner deck and all have a porthole. Each cabin has a telephone (with satellite connection) and air conditioning. They are equipped as standard for two people, but can easily be adapted for a stay with three or four people.

All cabins are equipped with a private bathroom with sink, shower and toilet. The finish with lots of wood and copper work gives the cabins a classic look. All cabins are similar in layout and have an area of ​​about 11 m².



  • Length: 60.5 m
  • Beam: 10.5 m
  • Draft: 4.8 m
  • Sail speed: 17 knots
  • Rigging: 3 mast full rig
  • Height: 46.5 m
  • Number of sails: 31
  • Sail area: 2,200 m2
  • Cabins: 14

  • Capacity day trip: 115 guests
  • Port event capacity: 200 guests
  • Engine power: 749 kW
  • Draft: 1.038 MT
  • Steel hull
  • Year of construction: 2000
  • Design: Dykstra Naval Architects
  • Shipyard: Damen Shipyards
  • Interior: PB Design

Gesproken talen aan boord: Dutch, English


Floorplan of Stad Amsterdam


  • Day trip: 115 guests
  • Day trip in USA: 65 guests
  • Cruise: 28 guests
  • Sail training: 56 guests
  • Dinner sit down: 60 guests
  • Dinner buffet: 150 guests
  • Reception: 200 guests
  • Meeting: 60 guests
  • Presentation: 75 guests


The Clipper Stad Amsterdam is a ship with a story. A story that begins during SAIL Amsterdam 1995, when five Amsterdam aldermen are in a sloop on their way from the VOC ship Amsterdam to the official residence of the mayor. "Would not it be nice", says one of the passengers, "to build another big sailing ship from the past? As a symbol for the commercial spirit of the city? "


The slender, fast clippers once passed through the oceans. Also Dutch clippers. In the nineteenth century, the then ultramodern sailing ships in China shipped tea and other spices. It was the century after the powerful VOC, but the Netherlands were still very present on the oceans.

Hard work by the crew under heavy conditions. Now that's romance and history that we are proud of.



All of that goes through the head of Frits Goldschmeding, founder of Randstad, during Sail Amsterdam 1995. The public enjoys the beautiful tallships, but the Netherlands is not really represented. Unworthy for an old, seafaring nation who has grown up because of his business sense, he finds. The mayor and the aldermen of the municipality of Amsterdam walked around with the same thought. Therefore, Mr Goldschmeding and the municipality of Amsterdam join hands and work out a plan. There must be a beautiful chipper ship. That will be Clipper Stad Amsterdam.

As a source of inspiration, they take the merchant ship De Amsterdam from 1854. But Amsterdam is not just a copy: the ship is skillfully made on the basis of old building drawings of 19th century clippers, but also has the most advanced technical equipment on board.



Making plans is nice, then the real work comes. After Goldschmeding and the municipality of Amsterdam have completed the financing, a start can be made. Led by ship architect and former competition sailor Gerard Dijkstra, a ship is created that "under water is focused on optimal performance, above a caress for the eye and the sailors heart".

In December 1997, the first steel part was placed on the steel hull of Clipper Stad Amsterdam at Oranjewerf in Amsterdam. In December 1998 the hull was finished and moved to the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam. The finish can begin. And that is beautiful warm woodwork, lots of copper, the impressive round staircase and the elegant details: everything speaks modern craftsmanship with respect for the beautiful look of a nineteenth-century clipper.

Goldschmeding enjoys the construction of the ship, which he tackles in a distinctive way: offering opportunities for young people and the unemployed. Young unemployed and school-leavers work with the help of experienced professionals and gain knowledge that will give them a good start later on the labor market.



Clipper Stad Amsterdam was completed in 2000. Rita Kok, the wife of the then Prime Minister Wim Kok, baptizes the ship and the public gets to see her for the first time at Sail Amsterdam 2000. Press and public are extremely enthusiastic: the Netherlands has finally its historic flagship.

2001 - The City of Amsterdam wins the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race for the first time.

2005 - The clipper sails the IJ for the first time as flagship of Sail Amsterdam. Crown Prince Willem Alexander is at the helm.

2009 - On behalf of the VPRO, the City of Amsterdam departs Plymouth for an eight-month journey in the context of the bicentenary of the famous biologist / naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin. From 1831 to 1836 he made a voyage around the world on the original sailing ship the "Beagle". His theory, that the evolution of species is driven by natural selection, deepened during that journey. The city of Amsterdam is following this journey.



As a training ship and passenger sailing vessel, Stad Amsterdam sails with guests all over the world's oceans every year. In addition, she regularly participates in Tall Ships Races, sailing events and is hired for business purposes.

A sailing adventure on the City of Amsterdam is an unforgettable experience for every 'tall ship' enthusiast.

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