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About Atlasail

A sailing ship is the perfect combination of technology and nature. It is an ancient art that has made people dream, inspire and discover. From an early age, I was captivated by Tall Ships. My father took me to a Tallship race where I saw these cathedrals of the sea for the first time. Years later I was no longer viewing from the side: I was a man on deck. With neither experience nor knowledge, but full of enthusiasm, the captain agreed to take me aboard. I am since then, and forever, a sailor.

Pieter Ghysels

Pieter Ghysels

During my years in practice, I have met many inspiring people. It is wonderful to see how they give their everything for these ships. They are bon vivants who are there for the ship and guests, day in and day out. Onboard it is wonderful to come together and focus to a common goal. The peace, freedom, company and nature leaves no one untouched. This way of traveling is a fantastic experience that I could do every day and it is an experience that I want to share. That is why I started the Atlasail travel agency, an agency that brings ship and guest together.

In addition to the travel experience, the aim of Atlasail is to support these ships in their future. A great deal of knowledge and experience is required for the conservation of these ships. It’s about materials, knots, sail maintenance, boatbuilding techniques, navigating, maneuvering, jargon, stories, songs, etc. Without open platforms, this knowledge and way of life could unfortunately be lost. Atlasail aims to raise greater awareness about this maritime culture as we give it more attention. To be unknown is to be unloved. That is what Atlasail will change.

Fair winds!,
Pieter Ghysels, Captain at Atlasail