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Frequently Asked Questions

Our possibilities and products could rise a question or two. Will I get seasick? How long do we sail a day? Can we bring the kids? Please find several questions and answers below.

There are 2 insurance policies that we recommend: a cancellation insurance and travel assistance. You can take this on an annual or temporary basis. Atlasail does not offer any insurance. You can find policies with Allianz, Mapfre, Europe Assistance and many others.
Please contact us directly for personal advice. Together we will look at the situation and find all the answers. All medical information is treated confidentially.
Security for visitors in some countries can change quickly. Ask your own foreign affairs office for the latest updates.
Everyone is welcome on most ships. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian. Some ships do not take children younger than 16, so we will work with you to find the best solution. There is no maximum age and we are no longer surprised if there are 94-year-old participants. Please note that you may need to use a ladder to move on and off the ship. Sometimes the dinghy is used to bring the guests to the wall.
Because of remote sailing areas, Atlasail can not give immediate availability updates. Please fill in the optional reservation form HERE. We contact the ship and give you an answer as soon as possible.
After all the details are communicated, you will receive the booking form. If you agree, a signed version must be returned within 2 weeks. This can be done by post or mail with a scanned attachment.
Of course! Single travelers are certainly welcome. There are no extra costs. Cabins are often equipped with 2 or more beds. With some ships you can book the entire cabin at an additional cost.  
The payment conditions depend on the ship. Some use our general T&C. These can be found at the bottom of this page.
Atlasail is not aware of all visa requirements and possible scenarios. We advise you to inquire at the local embassy of the country you intend to visit. If you require additional travel documents, start your filing procedures in time. It can take a long time and we do not want you to miss the boat. If your ID card or passport is sufficient, check the expiration date. You are responsible for having the correct documents during your time on board.
The berth of ships is assigned by the port authorities. Often it has a fixed place, but circumstances can change that. The contact details of the ship are given with the booking confirmation. It is very important that you keep the contact details in case of last minute changes made by you or the ship.
Some ships provide a shuttle service to the ship. A bus service can be arranged when chartering the ship. Airplane tickets can be provided and can be booked yourself.
It is not possible to come on board earlier. Some ships do accept early arrivals. The crew uses the time between voyages for maintenance of the ship and preparations for the voyage.
For the sailing cruises, the route is predetermined when allowed. The route is largely dependent on wind, current and other weather conditions and may differ from the planned route. The captain has enough experience and knowledge of the area to determine the best route. When chartering a whole ship the route can be decided by the guests to the extent that that’s possible.
Harbor, bridge and lock fees, tourist tax and standard motor hours are included. Tea, coffee and water are always available. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages can be ordered on board. Movement to and from the ship (aircraft, train, bus, ...) is not included unless otherwise stated in the travel information. If the guests choose an unsailable destination, additional gas costs may be charged. These conditions change from ship to ship. Specific lists can be found on the travel pages.
All ships comply with the legal safety regulations. An abundance of life jackets and life rafts are part of this.
Each year the ships are inspected on hundreds of points such as life jackets and rafts, motor, electrical installation, communication system, hull, masts, first aid, pumps, certificates, fire control and fire alarm system ... All ships meet the highest safety measures.
With wind force 7 or higher, the ships do not leave port.
Rule number 1 on seasickness: do not talk about seasickness. If you feel uncomfortable, you should take the helm. You look at the horizon and through concentration you forget what is going on in your stomach. You will feel better within 5 minutes. Ginger is also a golden tip. It calms the stomach. You can find it in all shapes and colors. Candied ginger is our favorite. You can find modern applications at the pharmacist.
6 hours is the usual day trip. You have enough time for that beach walk, museum or visit to the local café. The schedule can change according to the circumstances. Factors that have influence are high and low water, opening times of locks and bridges, the wind, the distance to be covered and the wishes of the group. It all depends on the trip you’ve booked.
You do not have to make unnecessary costs for the equipment. The ships are high, dry and comfortable. If you opt for a 4-day crossing of the North Sea, that sailing suit can be pleasant. It depends on the type of trip you book. Specific lists will be given when you book a holiday.
Some ships have one common sleeping space. Others have 2-person cabins with ensuite bathrooms. The ships are spacious with quiet spaces.
Yes, the ships are equipped with 240v outlets.
No, everyone is welcome. The crew has extensive knowledge and experience for a safe trip. The more questions you ask, the more answers you get. And you don’t have be a sailing fan to enjoy the landscape.
Most ports have the infrastructure for (dis) embarking. In more exclusive spaces, it often requires a bit of creativity. You must be able to climb a ladder. This way you get from the dinghy on the ship or from the ship on the quay.
We would love to see you grow your sailing talents. There is no obligation to help, but sails do not set themselves. You can stay in bed, read a book all day. You can also take the helm, climb the mast and do the engine check. The crew explains and guides you through navigation. Working together is the key!
YES! With the necessary safety measures, you can certainly go aloft. It gives a beautiful view. At the front of the ship, the net is also very nice to stay and spot maybe some dolphins. There you lie above the water and you feel the power of the ship. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Charter a complete ship

In case of Charter, Yes! Renting a ship can be compared to booking on AirBnB. The kitchen is fully equipped and at your disposal.
In case of Charter, Yes, the ships have been working together with high-quality catering for years. In addition to our SERVICE formulas we are open to all your wishes.
In case of Charter, It is possible to provide an experienced cook. The meals are prepared together with, or by the cook alone. If the cook sails along, he/she will get a private cabin. Keep this in mind with the choice of your ship.
Yes. Sailors are a weird group, but they do eat! Depending on the ship, the crew likes to sit at the table together with the guests.
That depends on the type service you book. Most of our holidays are full board. Chartering a ship give several options.
You will receive the contact details and details of the trip as soon as we have received the full payment.
The route is largely determined by the wind and may differ from the planned route. The captain has enough experience and knowledge of the area to work out the best route together with the guests. Parameters are tide, flow, wind, opening times of locks and bridges. For example, if you opt for a further destination, a night trip might be on the menu.
You will be sailing six hours a day. In addition, you will have enough time for museums, sports and games or a visit to the harbor town.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us. Klik here for the applicationform