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Adventurous sailing with a group?

Family, friends, associations, schools ... The ship is a wonderful platform for all your adventurous wishes. One day, weekend or midweek ... All on board together with everything at hand in great comfort. That is what you can experience with us. Go sailing, explore and nautical history.

Scholen en Jongeren

Schools and Youngster

A journey that they will never forget, a journey where everyone is involved and where you have to work together to go forward. A journey both educational and relaxing. You can’t just navigate a ship; the most important thing is teamwork. No sailing experience is required. The crew is on standby every day with explanations and guidance. You will learn how to read maps, calculate tides, read the compass and many other sailing wisdoms. Let those muscles roll or sunbathe on the deck. On board a ship it’s all about doing and experiencing. The program is drawn up in consultation with the captain. He has extensive experience with schools and groups. Do not hesitate to request your quote, it’s without obligation. We will find the perfect ship for you.

Familie, privé, vrienden, vrijgezellen, papa wordt 60 jaar

Family, private, friends, bachelor party, grandad turning 70 ...

Alles is mogelijk. De schepen staan klaar om jullie te ontvangen met al je eisen en wensen. Ze zijn voorzien van hutten, toiletten, douches, dagverblijf en een goed uitgeruste kombuis. Je kan aan boord voor een paar uurtjes of een reis rond de wereld in 80 dagen. Word je graag verzorgd met catering of steek je liever zelf de handen uit de mouwen? Alles is mogelijk. Bij Atlasail hijs je samen de zeilen en vaar je van baai tot havendorp tot ankerplaats. Dit allemaal in comfort en stijl. Geniet van sfeer en gezelligheid in een prachtige omgeving. Zie het als een varend hotel maar jij bepaalt de locatie. Heb je vragen? Klik op RESEVEER NU en vraag vrijblijvend je offerte aan. Wij zoeken voor jullie het perfecte schip.

Teambuilding, training


Tall Ships can be found all over the world. Atlasail has a fine selection of big sailing ships that provide service, quality and most of all security. The crew are professional sailers with the right experience and eduction. You can find our ships up north, down south and between west and east. From the polar bears in Norway to the pinguins on the Antarctic. Far ship charters it is best to contact us well in advance.

How does it work?

You make a request without obligation via our easy CONTACT US flow. Once received, we will look for the ship that best suits your needs. We will then contact you as soon as possible with our proposal.

Teambuilding, training


These ships are very accessible in terms of pricing. There are 100 ships active in the charter world. Each ship is unique with its sailing area, crew, rigging, size and finish. Here is a small overview of the type of trips and prices. Please note, these prices are just an indication and may change depending on the availability of the ships and your trip details.

Type of Holiday Daytour Weekend (Fri-Sun) Midweek (Mo-Fri) Week
You can start from 35 € per person 125 € per person 175 € per person 240 € per person
Teambuilding, training

Catering & Service

The ships offer services to every occasion. There are many variations and possibilities. Completely taken care of or taking cooking matters in to your own hands. Each ship is provided with a well-equipped kitchen that is fully at your disposal. Of course there is crockery and cutlery for the whole group. We can also provide a ship's cook with extensive experience. Besides the food we also offer towels, bed covers and final cleaning. Look at our service options at SERVICES. Do you have questions? Do not hesitate and: link1

All this sailing makes a traveler thirsty. See below our 4 options for the drinks.

  • Provide ourselves
  • List of Drinks
  • Aftermath
  • buy
Teambuilding, training

End of Trip cleaning

After the sailing trip the ship has to be cleaned. You can do it yourself or we can provide a cleaning service.

Teambuilding, training