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sailing in hallond

Wadden Islands

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Year of Construction 1957

Experience the real sea sailing on the Twister

With its modern rigging and beautiful sharp shape, the two-masted schooner Twister feels at home in all waters. Experience sailing on this large sailing ship, putting the sails on and putting yourself at the helm. Our crew makes every day a unique sailing experience.

The Twister is a fast sailing vessel that sails mainly at sea. And sea sailing is in fact a sport that requires some perseverance. Especially with the longer trips. You do not have to be a 'born sailor' to sign on to the Twister. Our experienced crew ensures that our guests are given the space to participate in everything that happens on board. Standing behind the rudder, setting the sails, learning how to navigate and how all the equipment works. Make new friends, but also enjoy the time to be on yourself and stare at the sea. Discover the beauty of the game. Discover the ship and the forces of nature, the wind, the waves that bring you into another dimension of consciousness.

The sailing holidays on board the Twister are characterized by:

  • Active sailing
  • Discovering beautiful natureĀ 
  • A nothing must be allowed, but everything may be mentality
  • Getting to know other people or your own group even better
  • Enjoy delicious meals on board but also cozy together in the kitchen jobs
  • No sailing experience is needed to feel like a sailor
  • The stay on board on a safe and comfortable sailing ship