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Elke went on holiday with the Abel Tasman in Schotland

Hello Pieter,

I just wanted to report that with great regret I am back home and that I have had a beautiful trip on the Abel Tasman. Scotland is unbelievably beautiful and I really enjoyed the trip - although the wind did let us down a few times: it was a fantastic tour. We did the Corryvreckan Gulf, the whirlpool of the Scottish waters with spring tide: a great experience. I always felt save in the hands of the captain and his mates. Jeroen and his crew are really great, very relaxed, non-judgmental, sociable, and responsible. Most of the participants were GermanĀ  - except for one woman. Most of them knew each other from previous years. I thought it was a shame but I did not let it fall an das Herz: I did meet a few top girls on board. I understood that they will not be sailing to Scotland next year, but other waters in the North. I am happy that I found your site I will keep browsing for future holidays. You were right: once on a tall ship, always on a tall ship. Thank you for your good service and the pleasant contact. You have already made this woman very happy.

PS: I had a cabin for me alone, luxury to enjoy.

With best regards



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