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You can go island hopping in Cape Verde with the beautiful tall ship Oosterschelde. 12 days living on the rhythm of nature and sailing to the 9 islands of the Cape Verde archipelago. The islands of Cape Verde are very different. One island is flat like a sandy pancake with beautiful white beaches and the next is 3000 meters high with sharp rocky edges and lush vegetation. The water is full of flying fish, tuna, wahoo, sea turtles and whales. Come sailing with us on this amazing cruise. Discover the nature and delicious cuisine of Cape Verde together with sailing ship Oosterschelde.

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Go on holiday in Cape Verde with the Oosterschelde tall ship. The sailing trip offers a good mix between active sailing and excursions on at least 6 islands.

Embarkation: 5:00 pm Sal, Cape Verde
Disembarkation: 09:00 am Sal, Cape Verde

Price per person

4-person cabin € 1695,-

2-person cabin € 1895 ,-


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  • Island Hopping in Cape Verde 1 | 06/01/2023 – 17/01/2023
  • Island Hopping in Cape Verde 2 | 28/01/2023 – 08/02/2023
  • Island Hopping in Cape Verde 3 | 09/02/2023 – 20/02/2023
  • Island Hopping in Cape Verde 4 | 20/02/2023 – 03/03/2023
  • Island Hopping in Cape Verde 5 | 04/03/2023 – 15/03/2023
  • Island Hopping in Cape Verde 6 | 16/03/2023 – 27/03/2023
Participating the excursions is not mandatory. You can join a few or explore the islands at your own pace. Participating in all excursions costs € 150 per person. (£ 135)

holiday description

Cape Verde is located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 600 kilometers off the coast of Senegal. The archipelago has approximately 450,000 inhabitants and consists of 9 inhabited and a few uninhabited islands. The tropical climate and the always prevailing trade winds make Cape Verde a paradise for sailors. There is also plenty to discover on and around the islands. The varied landscape is characterized by steep terraced fields with banana and coffee plantations, black volcano slopes, sandy deserts and a deep blue ocean. Every day ocean sailing is interspersed with an entire day on the island of destination, from which the crew shows you the most beautiful places. Cape Verde belongs to Africa and cannot be compared with the Caribbean. The islands are barer, the sea sometimes rougher and mass tourism has not yet penetrated on most islands. The inhabitants are friendly; many of them are very poor. Except in the larger towns, there are few facilities for tourists, but of course you will not lack anything on board.


We visit at least six islands during our sailing holiday. The islands are on average one day sailing apart. After each sailing course we take plenty of time to explore the island. We usually anchore at night, but we could also sail during the night. The landing sites have been carefully selected and on most of the islands we will make an excursion with local guides.

day 1

After arriving at Ilha do Sal you travel by taxi to Palmeira, where the Oosterschelde tallship is waiting for you. Palmeira is an authentic place where we will find few tourists. The island of Sal is desert-like with a long sandy beach. The fishing village of Santa Maria is located on the south side of the island. Here are the larger hotels and more facilities for tourists.

day 2

The next morning you have time to take a walk, visit the village or take a dip in the ocean just before we set the sails. Sailing to the next islands we have the wind in our backs. Everyone is assigned to a watch and is warmly encouraged to be at the helm and to help with setting the sails and navigation. Those who dare can climb the mast to see what the world looks like from high up a tall sailing ship. The crossing to Santiago is approximately 110 miles; we expect to arrive at night.

day 3

We anchor in a beautiful bay near the village of Tarrafal. Santiago is the most African island and is mountainous with green valleys. We spend this entire day on the island. Travel in a taxi bus across the island and visit the village of Rabelados. Since the 1940s, the Rabelados have been a symbol of resistance. This group has been living in the mountains of the island for 70 years and stick to the traditions, culture and way of life. Then we drive to Agua Barragem a huge reservoir where we take a walk to spot the special birds that live here. We have lunch this afternoon in a Cape Verde restaurant and taste typical Cape Verdean dishes. After lunch we drive into a green valley via a narrow winding road. In the middle of this valley is an ancient kapok tree. Perhaps this is the largest tree that you will ever see. We continue the excursion and we visit the Serra Malagueta National Park and take a walk. Only in the evening do we return to the sailing ship. It is certainly no exception that a party is created here on the beach in the evening, where everyone dances to swinging Cape Verdean music.

day 4

The crossing from Santiago to São Vicente is the longest during our sailing cruise. High on the wind and with a lot of sail from the top we try to get everything out of the "Oosterschelde". We also spend the night sailing the seas.

day 5

To reach the tranquil bay of Mindelo we sail between the islands of São Vicente and Santo Antão. Due to the venturi effect, the local wind is strong here. Mindelo on São Vicente is the second largest city and the largest port in Cape Verde. There are restaurants, a covered market, cafes and shops to buy souvenirs. There is also a beach where you can swim. This afternoon you can set off with a guide for a city walk.

day 6

Santo Antão is considered the most beautiful island of the archipelago; it is also the greenest and most fertile of all islands. With the ferry from Mindelo we sail to Santo Antão and we take a taxi bus to the edge of the volcano crater. From this point we walk down to Ribeira Grande. The variety in the landscape and the breathtaking views make this a walk you will never forget.

day 7

Today we sail close to the coast of various islands. On the way to São Nicolau we pass for example Santa Luzia, one of the uninhabited islands of the archipelago. This place is one of the most fish-rich places in the area. We throw a line to try our luck. Swimming is not recommended here due to the large number of sharks.

day 8

The destination on São Nicolau is also called Tarrafal. We are anchoring right in front of the harbor or maybe even lying in the harbor on the quay. Tarrafal is a quiet town where we are always received very hospitably. There is hardly any tourism here. At least half of the fishermen here still fish under sail. On São Nicolau we visit beautifully ground basalt formations and we drive to the last remains of a primeval forest in the mountains.

day 9

We have another nice route to sail to Boa Vista. We drop anchor at a considerable distance from the town. We can't get any closer here, we have to travel the last mile by rubber boat and for safety reasons we only do this with daylight. Boa Vista is one of the islands where mass tourism is strongly developing. Along the coast, some huge resorts have been created. The beaches are beautiful and the interior is known for the very characteristic walking sand dunes.

day 10

On the pier of Sal Rei, among the local fishermen, our guide is waiting for us. He tells us about the island, the history and the "turtle protection program" he works for. He takes us more for a short city walk and in the square in the center the 4x4s are ready to drive to Santa Maria Beach to view the wreck of the Santa Maria. Then we drive to "Deserto de Viana", a snow-white desert with endless dunes with here and there an acacia tree and pieces of basalt. We conclude the tour with a visit to a workshop where pottery souvenirs are made.

days 11 and 12

The last crossing, from Boa Vista to Sal, will probably be made with the help of the engine. We drop anchor at Palmeira. We will conclude the trip with a barbecue on deck. The next morning after breakfast it's time to say goodbye to the crew and the ship. We will visit the above islands with certainty. However, depending on the circumstances, the captain may decide to sail a different route or to include an additional landing place in the program.

"The route is an indicative route. Weather forecasts can change the route. The captain has the final say."

How do I get on the ship?

* Transfers

With Tap air Portugal you can fly daily from Amsterdam to Sal. Tap Air makes a stopover in Lisbon, where travelers from other parts of Europe can also come on board. In addition, various charter flights can be booked:

  • From Düsseldorf: Fly Tui
  • From Brussels: Jet Air Fly
  • From Amsterdam: Tuifly and Transavia

Atlasail is happy to advise you about your flights and can help you find a hotel or guesthouse if you want to extend your vacation by one or two days. Let us know in time.

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Year of Construction 1917

Sailing along on a tall ship is a special experience. The Oosterschelde sailing ship has been sailing the 7 seas since 1917. Today you can sail on a sailing cruise in modern comfort. The sailingship is 50m long and offers a multi-day sailing holiday with 24 guests. With 3 masts and many sails we try to provide sustainable island hopping and ocean crossing. The huge salon and the cozy cabins will put you in a holiday mood. She prefers to sail to the Azores and sail in Cape Verde.